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valuable inventory
Save money.
Make a difference.

Explore an innovative online marketplace brimming with premium products offered at affordable prices. Experience cost savings, reskue food from going to waste and make a meaningful impact in your local community.


The better way to source food for your business, budget, and community


Seamless digital experience

Identify at-risk inventory sooner, creating more opportunities to maximize returns and save money


Premium products, low price

Gain access to high quality inventory without sacrificing your budget


Reskue food, feed your community

Fight food waste and nourish your community by Reskue-ing premium inventory at affordable prices

Discover a digital-first market with superior quality

Reskued redefines food marketplaces in the modern age, uniting affordable prices and superior quality in one digital-first platform.

Accessible and user-friendly interface available on mobile and web

Browse inventory online and make purchases before you travel on-site


Put more dollars in your pocket, and more food in your hands

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Make a difference 

As a reskuer, you're not only preventing food going to waste, you're making a difference for your community and the planet.


Join a dedicated community of reskuers fighting food waste across the country


Create a more sustainable business


Reduce your environmental footprint


Ready to reskue?

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Unlock savings and save our planet!

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