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Imagine a world where the industry has the right technology, data and insights to proactively collaborate on
no inventory going to landfill.

We've made this our mission.

We're tackling food waste at the core.

At reskued, we're focused on creating a solution that tackles both prevention and cure of the food waste problem at distributors, retailers and manufacturers in a way that benefits local food businesses, up-cyclers, and and most importantly, our planet. 

In most cases, food that is wasted ends up here, in our landfills.

Too many of our landfills look like this - overflowing with far too much food waste. This is having a huge impact on our planet in terms of carbon emissions, but also on our industry as a whole and the customers we serve. Fluctuations in demand, external events such bad weather or games being cancelled and poor expiration-date management result in pallets of food going to waste every day in our warehouses across the US. 

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Unfortunately, these causes aren’t going away, but we can get smarter about how we leverage data and technology to manage their impact.

Our History

Reskued is a Cargill digital business studio venture. Built with access to Cargill's depth of food and agriculture expertise, we're part of a cohort of startups that approach problems from a systems perspective, leading transformative innovation to solve some of the world's toughest food challenges in novel ways.

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