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imagine a world where we all felt empowered to give food products an awesome afterlife 

we've made this our mission

why does good food go to waste?

  • events that cause surplus inventorydamages and recalls

  • lack of data or insights to be proactive in shifting at risk inventory early on

  • limiting unsuitable packaging and labels 

  • limited access to alternative customer networks

we're tackling food waste at the core

at reskued, we're focused on creating a solution that tackles both prevention and cure of the food waste problem at distributors, retailers and manufacturers in a way that benefits local food businesses, upcyclers and and most importantly, our planet. 

want to reskue?

become a distributor

partner with us and let us help you get ahead of food waste leveraging our platform and online marketplace. we'll make recommendations on at risk inventory and surface it to "reskuers" in your local area 

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