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Identify at-risk inventory, before it becomes waste.

Reskued's powerful data and insights technology helps uncover at-risk inventory before it becomes waste, moving you from reactive to proactive - maximizing your returns and saving you money.


These common factors cause millions of dollars of waste per year for distributors and manufactures 

Fluctuations in demand

Fluctuating demand complicates proper inventory management, leading to significant food waste and financial losses

Weather events

Weather events disrupt transportation routes, cause power outages, and compromise storage facilities, resulting in waste and financial losses

Returns and damaged goods

Handling issues, transportation mishaps, quality concerns and more, cause unnecessary waste and significant losses




Go ahead and maximize your returns by moving  




Early identification

Catching inventory earlier in it's shelf life leads to maximal returns and higher sales values


Fully digital marketplace

Access a digital marketplace that uses data and insights to make selling easy and efficient.


Expanded window

Reskueds online marketplace unlocks a brand new pool of buyers - expanding the window of opportunity to sell your at-risk inventory


Late identifiaction

Catching inventory too late in its shelf life means lower value and avoidable losses


Highly manual

Methods too dependent on relationships lead to operational inefficiencies and missed opportunities.


Limited window

Narrow customer pools and specific standards limit the window to sell inventory before it becomes waste.

Improve your food waste strategy with Reskued

Reduce lost value, maximize returns, and help feed your local community


Early Identification

With Reskued’s AI and predictive analytics, you’ll identify at -risk
inventory sooner, 
creating opportunities for sales at higher values


Speedy Fulfillment

Move from manual, people intensive approach to a more efficient, speedy fulfilment process via our online marketplace


New Revenue Stream

With Reskued you are not only creating a more sustainable business - you are helping create a more sustainable planet for all


Data-Driven Insights

Unlock more operational efficiency with data driven insights that make tracking inventory, savings, and revenue – simple


More Sustainable

With Reskued, you’re not only creating a more sustainable business – you’re helping create a more sustainable planet for all

Maximize profits and make a difference!

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