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Our Mission
Building a zero waste to landfill world.

At Reskued, our mission is to help build a world free of waste. A world where the food industry collaborates to ensure no surplus or at-risk inventory goes to landfill and instead into the hands of those who need it.


Tackling food waste at the core

We're focused on creating a solution that tackles food waste at it's core. By preventing and curing the food waste problem at distributors, retailers and manufacturers, we enable food waste reduction at pivotal points throughout the supply chain in a way that benefits businesses, communities, and our planet.


The Reskued difference

With Reskued, you're not just getting access to an innovative online marketplace, you're also getting a dedicated team of industry experts from one of the largest agriculture and food industry giants - Cargill. With Reskued, there's no guesswork, only results.


As a Cargill digital studio business venture, we offer an unmatched combination of size, expertise, and supply chain capabilities


Our team has deep experience in warehouse management systems, and scaling food waste programs


Our long standing partnerships with distributors and retailers enable us to create value and impact on a large scale

Our history

Reskued is a Cargill digital business studio venture. Built with access to Cargill's depth of food and agriculture expertise, we're part of a cohort of startups that approach problems from a systems perspective, leading transformative innovation to solve some of the world's toughest food challenges in novel ways.

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