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our mission

we dream of a world of local, circular food systems, where nothing goes to landfill. 

10.6m tones of food is wasted per year ($34.8b) by food distrbutors and manufacturers due to fluctuations in demand, damaged product and poor shelf-life expiration management. meanwhile, food is becoming increasingly expensive for local businesses, food insecurity is on the rise, and there is an emerging market of upcyclers who need supply. 

what do we do?

we help food distributors to proactively identify inventory destined to become waste and surface that to local "alternative" buyers as early on as possible within the product life cycle. we call these alternative buyers "reskuers".

how it works


we identify food that is at risk of being waste

our platform leverages data and machine learning to identify product that is at risk of becoming waste. we help distributors and retailers get ahead of the game by proactively putting this product up for reskue.


we surface that food for reskue

products for reskue become available on our marketplace, often at a discounted rate. our reskuers can select from the products available and purchase them. we have options for convenient pick-up or delivery.


everybody wins

every item reskued is a win, win. distributors benefit by still shifting product (and not having to send it to landfill) and our reskuers enjoy great quality products at a discounted price. Not to mention the feel good factor of doing something good for the local community, and the planet.

our partners

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